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Models Wanted....


Models Wanted....

Hello and welcome to GND Model. We are located in the MidwestWe are looking for attractive females to model for our web site. 


What Is a GND Model?
A GND Model usually is between the ages of 19 and 30, and she is a real woman. She's not super tall and super skinny like you'd think a "model" would need to be. We have some girls that are tiny, and other girls that have a few extra pounds. It all comes down to how confident you are with your appearance and how you come off on our digital cameras. It might sound complicated, but it's easily one of the easiest things you'll ever experience.

GND is an acronym for Girl Next Door, and that's what we're looking for. The Girl Next Door because we think they're far prettier than the made up models. We aim for the amateur look so no, we don't do big studio backdrops. The photos are all shot digitally and usually in an apartment or home or outside somewhere. After all, you're the Girl Next Door right? :)

What kind of photos are these?
We have a simple approach to photographing models. The model is the boss. What this means, is that we will NEVER ask you to do a pose or something that you are against. When we first meet/talk with you, we're going to detail the different options for you regarding modeling. You'll then tell us what you're cool with and we'll stay inside those guidelines. Now let's get rid of a thought you might have... We do not create porn sites. This is a modeling site where you'd be playing a "role" of a character. A new name/identity would be given to you and odds are, you'd choose it or we'd pick it together. That way it's not you, right?

What is a typical photo shoot like?
A typical Photo Shoot goes like this:

•        You show up with 5-8 sets of clothing, things that are cute and you know turn heads. Sexy is a good thing, lingerie is a good thing, swim suits or tight shorts etc. (remember, we're trying to sell your image here... So guys have to like what they see.)

•        We shoot 50-100 photos per outfit. ....

•        After we finish a set, you change and we do it all over again. Yes, it is literally that boring. haha

So now what do we do?
If you think that you'd like to know more about GND Model and what we can offer you, then the next step is simple. Send us an email and tell us a little about yourself.....
When you email us, please make sure your email contains a way for us to contact you.....

Email us and we'll get back to you inside 24 hours. If you include a phone number and time to call we can phone you if you'd rather ask us questions on the phone. Might be easier, but it's your choice.

Thanks for reading all of this, we look forward to hearing from you!....

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